Interested in having me as your coach? Please email me at coachlueb (at) gmail (dot.) com or fill out the form below

I am a coach with Valor Triathlon Project. We are a group of coaches dedicated to helping athletes reach their goals and create integration between daily lives and training. Balance between family, work and training is important to me and I believe that is possible for all dedicated athletes. I also think it’s incredibly important to have some fun along the way!

Valor Triathlon Project has six talented coaches. Mary Eggers, Jennie Hansen, Cristina Caldwell, Curt Eggers, Kurt Lindbloom-Broberg and myself.

While you have an individual coach, you have the support of the entire team and every coach sharing their knowledge and thoughts with the group. We provide a supportive environment for everyone to ask questions and encourage each other along their journey. Everyone on the team is working towards their individual goals – whether it be setting a new PR for the 5k or completing their first Ironman.

Valor Triathlon Project also holds different clinics and camps throughout the year where VTP athletes get first dibs. We have coaches in Rochester NY, Baltimore MD, Dallas TX and Portland, OR.

I have been a triathlete since 2010 and started from the ground up. I remember being barely being able to run and now I’ve completed marathons and Ironmans. I’m walking proof that with hard work and dedication you can achieve things you never imagined possible.

I have my Masters in Kinesiology, USAT Level 1 and US Masters Level 2 coach and are Ironman Certified. I am dedicated to continuing my education and bringing the best practices to you. I have a solid foundation in education and triathlon experience and want to use the best information and training for you to reach your goals.




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