the unpredictable journey

end of season dinner

Phew, it’s been busy over here. Between coaching, full time grad school and work, I’m lucky to get a breath every now and then. Which sort of makes me sad, I’m getting some incredibly insights into coaching that I want to share with you. As I’m reading or going through these exercises, in my head I’m constantly thinking what a great topic it would make. When it comes between spending a few minutes with my husband and fur kiddos or blogging, family time always wins. Read More

reflections on camp

Group Swim!

Group Swim!

As I sit in the airport, reflecting on the weekend, it’s amazing the friendships that can be formed, and the outlook changed in a matter of 3 days. These are my people. We come from different backgrounds – professionally, experience, skill, financial, etc – but to come together for a love of sport and seeking a healthier lifestyle. This is what a team looks like. Read More

back in the saddle

Since IMAZ I’ve had a big offseason. After the offseason, I got really sick on my Christmas vacation. Then I pulled a muscle coughing (I literally thought I had broken a rib) and it took forever (we’re talking really only 6-8 weeks but it felt like forever) for it to heal. We adjusted the new start date for my workouts to March 1. Then I got a massive head cold that I’m still recovering from.

Every time I tried to start back up, something would beat me down. I just couldn’t get started and that got me pretty down for a while. That and during the offseason I definitely gained my fair share of weight. It’s hard to feel excited when you just feel, well, out of shape and none of your clothes fit right. The confidence is shaky and I had moments of wondering if the spandex actually stretched that far anymore. Read More


I was reading an article from (you can find it here) regarding the change to the new season. If you don’t follow the Ducks, the football team had an amazing season with an amazing quarterback, Marcus Mariota, who won the first Heisman in the history of the University of Oregon. Mariota decided to enter the draft with a year of eligibility left. The coach, Mark Helfrich talks in the article about turning the page and how they will be equipping themselves for the next season.  Read More

the journey to IMAZ

A year ago I was in Tempe, cheering on friends and volunteering for a spot to register for Ironman Arizona for 2014. Fast forward a year and here I am, sitting in my hotel room,  impatiently waiting for Sunday to test where I am right now.

The journey wasn’t what I expected it to be when I planned 2014. Last year as I had discussions with friends and my husband about where I was during the Tempe trip, it all of a sudden became crystal clear to me that I was in a really bad place in regards to triathlon. I had started to hate it. With two Ironmans planned in 2014, the year wasn’t looking like a good start. I didn’t believe in my coach, hated the workouts, hated the system and this caused me to doubt myself in a way I hadn’t in a really long time. I was broken down. Read More