the unpredictable journey

endings & beginnings, it takes a village

My life the last two years has been off the charts crazy. I started coaching, earned three different coaching education certifications, started (and now finished) grad school for Kinesiology, finished my third Ironman, moved across the country, fractured (and recovered) my ankle, lived in a hotel for two and a half months, bought and sold a house, and started a new full time job. These are just a few of the highlights. When I list these things out, they seem like a whole lot of crazy. How on Earth did I survive that? Read More

do not pass go

Two weeks ago I was running my first race in about 18 months. Ironman Arizona in 2014 was really the last time I toed the line. I started grad school, took on triathlon coaching, and since then moved across the country. I knew that I couldn’t also handle consistent workouts, so I dropped my fitness. I found a good chunk of weight and had planned to spend this summer getting back in shape and racing again. I am slated to finish grad school by August so I figured starting to run again in the beautiful PNW was a good first step in that direction.  Read More

New Adventures: Goodbye Texas

About a year ago I asked a question on twitter: If you could live anywhere, where would it be? I got lots of different amazing places. My response to all of the answers was, why aren’t you there? Each person had their reason, but mostly it was because they couldn’t leave family, their bond was too tight. Which I think is amazing, but for me, that doesn’t hold me back. I crave adventure and the new.

For the past year my husband and I have looked into different places to move. Texas has been my home for the last 8 years, and it has been darn good to me. But it’s time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and chase new adventures. We tried a few different locations but in the end one stuck and it came all together.  Read More

end of season dinner

Phew, it’s been busy over here. Between coaching, full time grad school and work, I’m lucky to get a breath every now and then. Which sort of makes me sad, I’m getting some incredibly insights into coaching that I want to share with you. As I’m reading or going through these exercises, in my head I’m constantly thinking what a great topic it would make. When it comes between spending a few minutes with my husband and fur kiddos or blogging, family time always wins. Read More

reflections on camp

Group Swim!

Group Swim!

As I sit in the airport, reflecting on the weekend, it’s amazing the friendships that can be formed, and the outlook changed in a matter of 3 days. These are my people. We come from different backgrounds – professionally, experience, skill, financial, etc – but to come together for a love of sport and seeking a healthier lifestyle. This is what a team looks like. Read More