end of season dinner

Phew, it’s been busy over here. Between coaching, full time grad school and work, I’m lucky to get a breath every now and then. Which sort of makes me sad, I’m getting some incredibly insights into coaching that I want to share with you. As I’m reading or going through these exercises, in my head I’m constantly thinking what a great topic it would make. When it comes between spending a few minutes with my husband and fur kiddos or blogging, family time always wins.

I did just want to pop in and talk about one thing I read in my course last month (summer intensive, it was Theory of Coaching, this month’s its Statistics) and it really struck a chord.

If you were at the end of the season dinner and had to make a speech and talk to everyone about the sort of team that we are, what would be the things that you would like to be able to say? – Coach Mark Norton

This was a great case study chapter on team building. Now, you can replace team with season, person, performance, etc, but I think the sentiment can be the same. What do you want to be known for? Do you want to be a stellar athlete? A person who gives back? The team that has the most fun along the way? A hard worker who chips away at progress year after year? Do you want it to look like a lot of family time? Work success?

What are you doing today to contribute to that? It doesn’t have to be every single decision, I know life today requires juggling, but overall are you hurting or helping your own cause? What decisions or changes can you make to better align with your goal?

So when you look back at the end of the year, what do you want to your speech to be about? Because that decision is yours, day in, and day out.

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