back in the saddle

Since IMAZ I’ve had a big offseason. After the offseason, I got really sick on my Christmas vacation. Then I pulled a muscle coughing (I literally thought I had broken a rib) and it took forever (we’re talking really only 6-8 weeks but it felt like forever) for it to heal. We adjusted the new start date for my workouts to March 1. Then I got a massive head cold that I’m still recovering from.

Every time I tried to start back up, something would beat me down. I just couldn’t get started and that got me pretty down for a while. That and during the offseason I definitely gained my fair share of weight. It’s hard to feel excited when you just feel, well, out of shape and none of your clothes fit right. The confidence is shaky and I had moments of wondering if the spandex actually stretched that far anymore.

I’ve also been reminded that you I don’t have to wait for things to be perfect to start. If I wait for perfection, then I will never start, because there is never perfect. Life is messy. We have obligations to work, we want to spend time with family, and all of the other different things pulling us in a million directions. The beauty is in finding a way to fit in what’s important.

The thing is, I’m surrounded by so many amazing athletes for inspiration. I’m excited for them and I appreciate their support of me during my time off. I’ve strung together 7 consecutive workouts so far (maybe 8 by the time this things posts) which has given me more confidence than I’ve had in a while. I know it’s not much to some, but it’s been a big deal for me to establish some better routines and start making fitness my priority again.

I’m so appreciative of the support I’ve received from my coach who’s been incredibly patient and a great sounding board. I’m thankful for my husband who gives me words of encouragement daily and who’s support allows me to do everything I do everyday (including basic things like feeding me, hahaha). I’m thankful for my Valor teammates and my athletes who keep me laughing with their honesty and allowing me to be a part of their stories. I’m also thankful for Coeur Sports, who despite my hiatus from triathlon is always in my corner, has helped surround me with some amazing women and is the best darn female clothing company out there.

I’m excited to finally start to feel back like me again. And even if it’s not perfect, it’s starting to feel that way again.

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