I was reading an article from (you can find it here) regarding the change to the new season. If you don’t follow the Ducks, the football team had an amazing season with an amazing quarterback, Marcus Mariota, who won the first Heisman in the history of the University of Oregon. Mariota decided to enter the draft with a year of eligibility left. The coach, Mark Helfrich talks in the article about turning the page and how they will be equipping themselves for the next season. 

This paragraph made an impact on me:

“All those guys, you have to step up with confidence, but within yourself,” Helfrich said of the quarterbacks. “He’s not going to run 4.4 (seconds in the 40-yard dash), to use Jeff as an example, but being a distributor, being a point guard, being a great leader, being a teacher in the offseason are things he can do, and he needs to do. Guys don’t have to do super-human things. They have to be a better version of themselves each day, and fit the scheme where they’re asked to do that.”

Think about it. He doesn’t expect the next quarterback to immediately be the same as the guy before. He knows that the record breaking numbers that Mariota put up aren’t feasible for the next person in his shoes. Helfrich is looking for someone to work hard. To be a better version of themselves each day. To step into that role and be a leader.

hard work

Helfrich as a coach wants to provide the atmosphere for the athletes to be successful. That’s something that he talks about often. That many other teams try to copy the offense, but they will never be able to replicate the Oregon atmosphere. The team, the love, the camaraderie. The heart. That is what makes the team.

What can you do in your daily life to make yourself successful? Do you work on creating the environment (and people) around you to enable you to achieve your goals? Are there things in your life you can change to create that environment? Do your friends contribute to your success or do they take away from it? What about habits – are you staying up late only to miss morning workouts? What little decisions can you make to be better?



The other piece to me is almost even bigger. You don’t have to be superhuman. You just need to work on improvement. You don’t go from couch to Ironman overnight. It’s the daily commitment to be better than yesterday. Just a little bit farther, just a little bit more focused.

Can you imagine what you you are capable of with a little bit of work every day? I’ll tell you, anything. Anything is possible. And it’s not overnight, it’s constant vigilance to work towards your goals.

Be patient, because you are gonna get there.

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