locker room chatter

Last week I was getting ready for work at my gym. I had just done a long swim session and at that point I think I was close to being ready.

There were two women who were in the same general area with me and started having a conversation about the swim session their coach/trainer had given them. They started with the general chatter, then it turned to the workout they were about to start.

I don’t remember word for word but in their minds the workout was impossible. I want to say the main set was 6×300 and the woman was having a hard time grasping swimming 1800 as part of the set at all if not the total for the entire workout. She was totally and completely convinced that she was not capable of doing any of the workout. She started planning on how she was going to adjust the workout and cut things short before she even got in the water. The coach wanted to her to work too hard and she wouldn’t be able to swim that far.

It took everything in me to keep my mouth shut, but the more I think about it maybe I should have said something. How many times does a coach see something in us that we can’t see ourselves? Isn’t that part of the reason we have coaches and training buddies?

How many times do we self sabotage our workouts before we even get started? I know there are times that I think Mary could have lost her marbles, but I also know that she’s an incredibly smart and talented coach and that if she thinks I can do it, I can. Even if I go into the workout skeptical, I always promise myself I will at least try it, and you know what? Before I know it the workout is complete, and Mary was right. (damn, that’s in writing now)

It takes time and patience to quiet down the little voice that says we can’t do something, that we aren’t good enough or fast enough or pretty enough. Whatever it may be that little voice is a liar. The sooner we stop believing the voice, the sooner we can push our boundaries and do things we never thought possible.

And most days, I love nothing more than proving that little voice wrong.

With a little work, you too, can prove that voice wrong. With a little hard work, anything is possible.

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