today I run a marathon

Today, as you read this (probably right now) I am running the Houston Marathon. Notice I say run and not race?

It has been a turbulent journey to get here. Preparation was not what I thought it would look like, but I trust the process, and I trust my coach. 

I signed up to race this in 2013 but my annual ski trip fell on the same weekend, and who is going to give up an all expenses paid trip to the snow to run a marathon? Not I. So for 2014 the ski trip was the weekend before the marathon and I had a guaranteed entry with deferral, so, here we are. Don’t you use skiing as your taper?

Happy mountain girl

Happy mountain girl

Last year I went through two coaches and started in December with my third. The coaches were great, for their program, but they didn’t fit me. And that’s okay. It took me a long time to know that is okay, and unfortunately one of my coaches still doesn’t really talk to me. I have worked really hard on not letting that mess with my head. Because this is my journey, and my ship, and if I don’t like where it is sailing, it’s my decision (and mine only) to change course. I don’t need anyone’s permission to change my path. That power lies with me.

And I’m excited where I am. I am starting to get my feel for effort and pace back. My lungs have burned and my legs have screamed to go faster, and Mary has helped me find my happiness again. I feel supported, under her wing, and slightly scared of what she has in store now that I’m back on track. (Did you know she has an evil laugh?)

We talked about whether this marathon was a good idea. About some of the pros and cons and decided to see what I’ve got when I toe the line.

This marathon is a celebration. Of where I am, of where I have been, and of where I am going. I will be carrying reasons, and people, and things for each of those miles. A few of them I want to share with you. Some of them I am keeping for me, but it’s important for some of these people to know they are also my inspiration.

For the first two miles I will carry my team with me. Coeur has shown their support and I have been overwhelmed with the love from Kebby and Reg and the rest of the team. So, the beginning of the marathon will be a celebration of the new beginnings of 2014. Thank you for believing in me.

black coeur logo

Miles 11-12 will be for my Oma. Eleven years ago next week she will have left us. She is the reason who I am. I run to remember her unwavering support, love and expectation that I always give my best. She taught me to believe in me.

photo (1)

13-14 will be for one of my inspirations, Jill R and Suzanne R. Years ago they walked their first half marathon together. This last fall they trained to run their first half before icepocalypse took the race. They inspire me and remind me with hard work and persistence anything can be accomplished.

Jill & Suzanne. Yes I totally stole this from FB.

Jill & Suzanne. Yes I totally stole this from FB.

Beth L will be carried through 21 and 22. She is a crazy running fool. Beth worked hard and struggled through her last marathon and kept pushing even when it wasn’t the performance she wanted. I will carry her determination with me.

Beth: Marathoner extraordinaire. Also stolen from FB. hehehe

Beth: Marathoner extraordinaire. Also stolen from FB. hehehe

My doggies will be with me for 23 and 24. Their love of running and being free is infectious. If they could run along side me those miles they would without question, and they would do it with a smile. May I remember that running is a gift and a joy, and a choice.

A reminder that life is simple. Find your joy.

A reminder that life is simple. Find your joy.

The last two miles will be for me. Because I am capable of greatness.

The day I knew I could do anything. IMTX finisher chute.

The day I knew I could do anything. IMTX finisher chute.

The hardest .2? Those are for Mary, who believes that I can do anything and will help me get there. I appreciate her more than she will ever know, and she has helped me take control of my experience back. For that I will forever be grateful.

Thank you for your love and support, and I’ll see you at the finish line!

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