finding my fight

It’s no secret I’ve had a hard time getting back to a regular training routine, and I’ve been frustrated by my inability to find my fight.

Because you see I’m a fighter. I always have been and I always will be. It was just buried somewhere for a while. And I think I’ve seen a small little glimpse of her this morning. And it made my heart sing.

This is my fight face, I think.

This is my fight face, I think.

I was going these drills on the bike and ohmygoshIwantedtodie but I kept fighting through them. In my head, okay, one down, two down, three down, one more to go, give it all you’ve got, and DONE. And although I thought I was going to die, and I sort of wanted to die, I did it. And I gave it all I had to finish strong, and I spent the rest of the workout on cloud nine.

So there was a little glimpse of the fight and perseverance and heart that I am going to need this season. And I’m so happy to have her back I could cry.

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