no junk july – how it actually went.

For the last 31 days I’ve been off of cookies, cupcakes and beer. I’d like to thank you for sticking with me through this very possibly cranky time. But the key is – I survived!

I actually took it a step farther and did not have any alcohol the entire month of July. I totally forgot about my company lake trip, girls nights and a few other things that were drinking oriented, so that was kind of unfortunate. Honestly though? I didn’t really miss alcohol. Yes there were a few days I yearned for a good beer to come home to after a particularly crappy day, but I survived without it. 

And I feel really good. Like really really good. My body is in pretty good shape and I can feel a difference in my body make up. I can only wonder what I could accomplish if I actually had a heavier workout load. I had some health stuff pop up this month and had to take a week and a half pretty easy, so to see results from minimal working out is pretty impressive. 

I really did miss cookies though. I yearned for cookies. My best friend actually sent me a care package with goodies for the fur kids and some cookies and treats for me! They have been sitting on the table taunting me for weeks. Come tomorrow I will be able to eat one, and I promise I will be eating one. 

The whole point of this was to cut something out that I think I went overboard on after my Ironman. I didn’t become an alcoholic and I didn’t gorge my face in sweets, but it got to the point where I was eating and drinking more than I wanted to. Cutting it out cold turkey for me was a good way to take a step back and take control back over certain sweets and alcohol. I’m proud to say that I can refrain from eating and drinking these things because I want to. No one was making me do this and no one was forcing me to keep my plan. I was. I held myself accountable. I made a commitment to proving that I could go without and I’ve fulfilled that.

The goal now is to make sure that I don’t get back to over-consuming these things. Cookies will be eaten in moderation, and honestly the hubs and I have agreed to a 1 drink maximum. Right now I’m pretty sure I’m a cheap date, but one drink should be enough for most occasions. I don’t need alcohol to have a good time and I certainly don’t need all those extra calories in the tasty dark beers I drink.

This is about balancing out life and keeping in my actions in line with my goals. And I’m pretty darn excited about what’s on the horizon. But that, my friends, is for another post.


One Comment on “no junk july – how it actually went.

  1. good for you! moderation is always key, i think. and giving up alcohol always has a huge impact on caloric intake – it always amazes me!

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