no junk july

I’ve been sort of floating through this last month and a half without a purpose. While my eating habits haven’t turned totally ridiculous, I’ve slipped off the wagon and eaten a few too many cookies. It’s showing in my running short tightness factor.

I was looking for a jump start so I came up with the idea of no junk july. I get to choose what that means. For me it means cutting out cookies and beer, and really thinking hard before I drink that soda.

bye bye oreos

this is what it looks like to throw away oreos.

It’s not meant to be a cleanse, or a diet or anything other than cutting out some crap to help make me feel better. Does the timing suck? Absolutely. I like beer and it’ll be hard not to crack one open after a long ride or on the 4th of July. But, I like challenging myself (I’m an endurance athlete after all) and I think this will help me move in the right direction and get motivated to work out again.

So, dearest cookies and beer, I won’t be seeing you for the next 31 days. Hopefully by the end of this you won’t have your hold over me anymore. I’m gonna prove I am stronger than you.

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