race week – reflections

I can count the number of days until my first Ironman on less than one hand. Where did the time go I ask?

This journey started last year when I spectated and volunteered at IMTX 2012. The hubs and I signed up for Texas the day registration opened and sat blissfully unaware happy of what lay before us. Sure we knew it was coming and we were still training for races, we just weren’t race specific yet. Come the day after Thanksgiving and it all got real when we started having workouts.

At first it was an adjustment to be told what to do. Once I got into a rhythm and a schedule things worked out and it got better. Some very long weekends and lots of sacrificing and here I stand almost tapered and ready to attack the start line.

From that first workout day through this weekend I have covered 2,307.07 miles to train for this race. I say this not as a braggart or a numbers kinda gal, I’m sharing this in the sheer amazement of how many miles were covered. My head, body and heart focused on everything from the blue/black swim line over and over, to countless hours with my head down on the trainer and running all over town to get to the start line.

And you’ve been with me every step.

triathlon "stuff" prep

triathlon “stuff” prep

So as I pack my bags, I’m spending a lot of time reflecting on what I’ve done. I’ve got little reminders that when it gets tough, I’m still a badass and that I believe in me. And you believe in me.

Bottle Prep

Thank you for putting up with me when I was whiny, showering me in amazement over the tough days, not judging me when I bailed out of things for no other reason than getting up early the next day and letting me talk Ironman endlessly because I have nothing else to talk about.

Because it is going to get tough out there. I’ll be spending a lot of time in my own head, pushing myself through the day’s highs and lows. And please know, that your words will be with me every step of the way. You will be carried in my heart and you will carry my heart for all 140.6 miles. 


5 Comments on “race week – reflections

  1. you can do it!! remember the IM motto – anything is possible.
    i’ll be out there spectating and finish line catching. there is NOTHING like the feeling of crossing the finish line – everything you’ve done will be worth it.
    good luck!

  2. Such an amazing journey and I so excited to see it all pull together for you. It had been wonderful to follow along through your training and you deserve the very best experience possible!

  3. Love your reminders. You have already put in the hard work–race day is icing on the cake! Can’t wait to read the race report!

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