beginnings of taper IMTX

I’ve been tapering apparently for a week now. This past weekend I had a long run, but no long bike. The workout duration is shrinking and some short intensity stuff is popping up.

Last week I was feeling pretty meh. Which apparently is to be expected. At the same time right now I can’t sit still to even watch a movie and I’m not sleeping well. Probably because although I feel tired, my body isn’t being used and really isn’t wanting/needing all the rest I’m trying to give it. I really hate not sleeping well.

The last long run went well. We ran errands in the morning, ended up taking a much longer nap than anticipated and didn’t get out the door till about 3. Our run was 3 hours and we did want to run in the heat of the day, which was still only about 7oish. The beginning of the run felt good, then the middle was crap and I perked back up in the end. We ran out of chocolate milk at the house, so immediately after the run we drove to the store (we thought about running to the store and walking home, but like idiots neither of us had any money.) Once we got in the car I drank the milk out of the carton. I wish I could say this wasn’t normal behavior, but I do it at home, too.

chocolate milk shame

chocolate milk shame

Sunday was supposed to be an open water swim and an easy bike in recovery zone. We showed up for the OWS a few minutes late and only 2 other people showed up. It was a chilly morning and apparently everyone else weenied out so no one wanted to swim. So we waited in the car for an hour to see if anyone would show up for cycling. There were 3 people and Brian and I didn’t really bring enough clothes to make the ride less miserable. So, after driving out there, not swimming, we drove home after not getting on our bike. Head coach gave me crap, but I added a pants layer and a jacket layer at home and we went out to ride.

extra layers made me less grumpy

extra layers made me less grumpy

Bike ride was easy and fine. Also amazed at how slow I actually went for the recovery! I hadn’t seen those MPH in a long time, but they were so low it made me laugh! Post ride we changed clothes and decided to take the doggies to the park. We haven’t done a great job taking Owen (the new little guy) on walks, so we knew this was going to be chaos. We went for a short walk around the park and they got to scare the ducks and sniff tons of new things. Owen still barked at the other dogs and cowered a little, but he’s showing improvement. Even though it was chaos we had some good laughs and both puppies had big grins. Made our day, can’t wait to have the time to hang out with them more regularly!

Kai and Owen. It only took a million tries to get a picture.

Kai and Owen. It only took a million tries to get a picture.

I’ve realized I’m going into overdrive preparedness. Like I need 17 different options of things just in case. Um. Yeah. I’m crazy. So I’ve been online shopping and getting everything we may want/think of/need. Brian has really been a trooper letting me overreact. I think he’s just sitting back and laughing internally while crying at all the $$ I’m spending. It’s all usable stuff so it won’t be wasted, but still. I’m ridiculous. I even ordered a new tri kit. I don’t even know why I think this is a good idea (even though I wear the same kit in a different color already.)

If that’s the only crazy I get this time I’m okay with that. I like being able to check off boxes and feel like I am in control. Even if it’s only for a moment, it helps me feel calm and ready for this.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that next week is race week. And this time in two weeks I’ll be back at work, hobbling around, but full of happiness from my day. It’s coming!

One Comment on “beginnings of taper IMTX

  1. Yes to the buying like crazy. Um, how is it I was able to TRAIN for six months wihtout all of this stuff, but suddently I NEED it for race day? In pink, of course.
    I’m loving taper. My workouts are still longer than your average bear’s but an extra 20 minutes here and there during the week really add up! I even made brownies last night! (and then threw them away after eating just one because I knew I’d eat the whole pan!)
    And chocolate milk is THE BEST! But I know, I know deep down in my heart that you didn’t drink out the carton from which you served me a few weeks ago. I know this. ;o)

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