I ate pavement, bike style

Yep, I fell. Or crashed. Whatever you want to call it: I ate pavement.

On Sunday I was so excited because we had people who were going to ride with us! We made plans to start at 9:30 am (late because I had to get my swim in) and B and I had 6 hours planned. 3 people were coming to meet us and we were going to ride a few loops because everyone else’s days were shorter than 6 hours.

I was all happy to have new people to talk to and chatting about my 2015 race plans – yes we have them somewhat planned out already – and BAM. I hit a seam where there was an inch differential in the concrete, tried to pop out of it and lost the battle. I went down on the right side against the curb. I couldn’t have been luckier. I hit a mix of concrete and grass. Immediately everyone freaked out. Me? I was just pissed. I crashed 1.82 miles into the ride. There was no way I was going to let that define my day.

After an initial quick assessment of myself I looked at my bike. All appeared to be okay, and after convincing everyone else I was fine I tried to ride my bike. Wasn’t happening. I managed to bend my derailleur, but B bent that back so it became rideable. I tested it out and it seemed to shift okay, even though there was a new sound on the bike.

road rash is healing nicely, still burns in the shower, ouch

road rash is healing nicely, still burns in the shower, ouch


Rode for about 4 1/2 hours before B and I called it to go inside on the trainers. The wind was unbearable and honestly it was a little chilly. I took too long between stopping and hoping on the trainer. I immediately felt all of the blood that was sitting there and swelling up my left knee. I could only pedal for about 30 minutes before I called it at 5 hours.

I honestly think continuing to ride was a smart thing – only because I knew that I wasn’t severely injured. I think keeping the blood moving helped keep the swelling down and I ended up not bruising as badly. Now don’t get me wrong, I have several weird, very deep bruises, but there is no point in posting a picture because they don’t look all that bad. They are yellow and orange, not purple and blue so you can’t really see them. But that being said I’m very thankful that is all that I have.

Got my bike checked out on Sunday by the best Tri Shop in DFW. Luckily they said they only had to adjust my derailleur and I didn’t break anything major. I’ve got a nice scrape on my vision crank, but again I am incredibly lucky that is all I did. I’ll give the bike some TLC this week and make sure she’s all clean and lubed up. She needs a little bit of love too.

I had a hard time walking for the rest of Sunday and most of Monday. Today I finally stopped limping, but the bruises are still very tender. The puppy loves to come jump on my lap and he’s certainly tested out the tenderness. I swam this morning and gingerly pushed off the wall but felt good. I was worried about my right arm – I did some bruising there as well but it held up okay during the swim. I’m just thankful that I also fell right before a cutback rest week. I traded a run yesterday for a spin because I didn’t want to test my knee just yet. Luckily I won’t really have to miss anything in order to rest up. One last quick build before 70.3 Texas. I’m ready to test my fitness and see what kind of engine I’ve built 🙂

2 Comments on “I ate pavement, bike style

    • I just didn’t want it to define my day. And like I said, I was pissed! Anger is valuable fuel 🙂

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