Changes are inevitable in life. Things around us change and we, as people change.

I recently told my husband that I wanted to take a sticker off of my car. He sounded surprised and asked why. I felt a little embarrassed by the answer, so I told him I just wanted to. Deep down inside I knew the answer: it was time for change. It was time to grow up.

I’m a huge fan of where I went to college and I had a nice big and bright yellow “OREGON” sticker on my car. For a while now I haven’t been happy with it, but I wasn’t sure if it was because I was ready to move on, or if it was because it’s not college football season. I sat and thought about it for a few weeks and decided it needed to go.

You see I will forever be a duck, but it got to the point where I don’t want it to be a defining factor of me anymore.

Now that doesn’t mean I won’t get dressed up in green and yellow, drink way too much beer and tailgate the hell out of the game if the Ducks come back to DFW again. See shameless video of me dancing with strangers while having too many beers. I’m even wearing my newton running shoes because the colors match, I’m dedicated to the cause, yo. It just means that chapter of my life has closed.

While it makes me a little sad, I can’t help but think of all of the changes that have gotten me to this place in life. Everything from leaving my home state, getting married, taking a job I swore I’d never do (and for the most part liking it,) becoming an athlete and finding happiness within myself which also led me to some of the most amazing people I get to call my friends. Some other changes are better for everyone – like my love of crimped hair in the 80’s and early 90’s,my poster of the New Kids on the Block and my baby blue bronco 2 from high school. Although these things are gone, they are forever a part of making me who I am.

These small things help define who we are at any given point in our lives, but that does not mean that we have to be defined by them, either. Just because I am an endurance athlete does not mean I don’t enjoy a few beers on the weekend. I’m an accountant, but I’d like to think I have more personality that anyone would expect. I’m also a momma to fur kids and aunt to nieces I love to pieces and a wife that enjoys making cookies for her husband. I try to keep people laughing in tense situations and if you mess with my family or friends I will hurt you more than you can imagine.

All of these things are pieces of me. Very few people in our lives get to see all of the pieces that make us who we are. We are even luckier if we have friends along the way who see us through our changes and love us when we come out on the other side. So thank you for being there as one of my chapters closes and I keep working on others simultaneously. I hope that you can be around for a lot more.

3 Comments on “Changes

  1. We want to stay around for a lot more!! It’s hard moving on from chapters….but good for you on looking inward and figuring it out!

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