The Quiet Time

So, I haven’t been blogging all that much. I’d like to say I’ve wanted to but I haven’t had time, but that’s a lie. I’ve made hints on twitter that I’m tired and taking a break. I’m burnt out. And I just can’t quite figure out how to get back to being excited about racing and training (or writing my Kansas race report, I KNOW). I’d really rather prefer to tend to my garden or sit on the couch. This doesn’t even sound like me anymore. My favorite view has been my weekend naps with my best puppy pal at my feet and my furry kitty butt at my head.

Since I picked up running only two years ago, I’ve gone from a 5k to a marathon and two half ironmans. I’m tired y’all. I ran my first marathon in December and jumped immediately into half ironman training and did two cycles back to back. I’m also back to marathon training with my local running store that I get the privilege of coaching at. That hasn’t given me a break from hard training in almost a year. Its been hard on my body and my mind. I’ve been trying to lay low during the week and just do the run with the group, but the distance is already up and my lack of run fitness is catching up with me, in a very bad way.

I’m also a bit terrified right now. IM Texas registration from 2013 opens up on Wednesday. After our spectathleting extravaganza I’m totally excited this is going to be my first full ironman race (I feel like I kind of know the place now) also I GET to be surrounded by my triathlon BFF (known as TPG) and several others who are going to shake their ass FOR ME! It also gives me confidence that I can go down there for a weekend and ride and run the course, so it has the potential of a hometown “I’ve done this course” kind of race.

I’m just worried since I’m not that excited about my marathon, the sprint tri’s I have in Aug and Sept or the potential of an ultra next Feb. I want to do them, but I can’t get pumped. When I “sign” that dotted line and get my entry to IM TX, I am dedicating my life for the next 10 months to triathlon in a very serious way. Its a big commitment and I know on Wednesday when I make that commitment its going to be for real and I’m going to sit down and schedule out my life, but until then, I’m going to sit and freak out and be a little overwhelmed for a while.


One Comment on “The Quiet Time

  1. Awww, sorry we are behind on reading! You have been a busy bee and you jumped right into it all! But you are awesome lady…we all have these moments and they help make us better runners/triathletes in the end! We also feel like we need a good Heidi racing schedule update so we can come cheer you on!! And what ultra???

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