IM 70.3 Texas: Pre-Race

Okay, so I wrote most of the race recap and realized how freaking long it is. So I’ve broken it into two. Here is the buildup to the race and tomorrow I hope to get the race recap up!

After a weird week my husband Brian (@bmlueb) and I headed down to Galveston Friday afternoon. We got in a little late and after catching up with the amazing TPG (who can be found here, seriously, go read) we all headed to bed. We shared a condo that boasted about having a queen sized bed and some awesome bunk beds! Sounds super fun, right? Heh. Not-so-much. While it was technically enough space, it was small, less than clean and provided poor TPG with no personal space.

The affectionately named "Harry Potter" bunk beds. Yep, Brian could touch both walls. Jealous yet?

We all agreed it would be an awesome idea to actually sleep in on Saturday. While an awesome idea it was, the gosh darn seagulls just kept telling me about the amazing time they were having outside. Once up and annoyed, I don’t go back to sleep easily. So I decided to get up and sit on the balcony with my iPad and iPhone to keep me entertained until everyone else got up. How they slept through those annoying birds is beyond me. Here was my view from the balcony that morning.

Location and view? Awesome. Amenities leave something to be desired.

After I saw so many cyclists go by and runners, I got really fidgety. I needed to move. By that time my other condo mates had woken up, so I asked Brian if he wanted to head out for a run. He said he would happily join me so after putting on some sweatastic attire (also known as super cute lululemon attire) We headed out along the beach to put in 2 miles. There were TONS of athletes out. You could tell and it was unspoken that we all knew who was racing the next day. It was amazing and electrifying to me. Afterwards we came back to the condo so I could pick up my bike and head out on my own. When we came back, the toilet gave out on poor TPG and had flooded the condo. Super Brian to the rescue!

Seriously, this is one of many awesome husband/sherpa acts he performed over the weekend.

While he tended to the issues in the condo, I headed out along the road to make sure the bike was in working order. I cruised along enjoying the ocean and all of the other triathletes and their sweet bikes. As I was biking along all of a sudden I saw a while suburban like vehicle driving slow and had their trunk up with two people in the back. One had a video camera and the other a pretty sweet looking digital camera. Just as I was thinking “what the hell?” I see what all of the fuss is about. Good old Lance went ahead and cruised by me. If you are wondering, he is incredibly graceful on the bike and has some kick ass calves. I couldn’t help but wonder as he passed me if he either (a) admired my ass or (b) thought to himself what the hell is think pink-lululemon-wearing lunatic doing on the road? I’d like to think A is the correct answer here Lance. Either way it got me even more excited for the race. Shortly after I turned around and headed back, covered in sweat from some pretty awesome humidity. Something here to take away is that you should NEVER adjust anything on your bike beforehand. I had adjusted my seat thinking maybe I found a more comfortable spot – heh. I knew riding it for a short 10 miles I didn’t like it, but I forgot to adjust it back. This will come back to bite me in the ass later, almost literally.

I headed back to the condo and took a good shower. Brian and I headed to lunch at McAlisters along with a bajillion other triathletes. After that we head to the expo to pick up all of my gear, tell them I am indeed, not a man and drop off my bike. We also ran back into TPG and decided to make our way through the process together. After we got all of our super exciting stuff, we went through the other part of the tent – the beautiful Ironman store. That place has everything a triathletes heart could desire – completely branded, of course. So I end up wiping out the store with some cool stuff. A headsweats visor, cotton t-shirt & long sleeve tech shirt with all of our names on it (see below) and a cool pint glass momento. Eventually I went back and got the finisher shirt because I was afraid they would run out of the mens small since I liked that one better. I normally NEVER do that. I think it’s bad juju to get finisher stuff or even wear the shirt of the race you haven’t done yet. So I knew I’d have to be all serious about the next day.

My name is so cool. So is TPG's. I will wear the heck outta this shirt. I promise.

We also checked out the area where we will run out of the water. Yes, I am indeed ridiculous. And I like it that way.

I tried to swim over the no swimming sign. It didn't work so well. Notice my sweet "I'm an athlete bitches" blue band

Brian, again being amazing walked all of the way back to the car (which was a trek I tell ya) to get my bike so I could check it into transition. That guys a keeper and totally too good to me. It should also be mentioned that we are all so hot and have been on our legs way to long already at this point, but I digress. So we get my bike and head into transition to rack them. See that sign? I’m athlete 2326 so I get the primo end spot. Ironman, you are so good to me. Nevermind that it will be racked around 25-29 year old men’s bikes who have excess cash and a triathlon problem. I bet they loved seeing my sweet girl bike. They totally got intimidated.

See? Being called a man TOTALLY worked in my favor. No hard feelings Ironman, I promise.

We finally decide that we really have had enough time on our feet, all realize that although we’ve been drinkinga ton, no one has peed. And that’s a problem. So we head back to our sa-weet condo for dinner and some quiet time. Once we all had dinner we watched the 2011 World Championships video. You want inspiration? Watch some of those stories about the determination of finishing. That will kick your butt all the way to the finish line. We head to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour and all try to get some beauty rest. Honestly I slept better that night than before most races. I think I accepted you can’t fake this race, all the hard work is behind me and this is my opportunity to test my body and my mind and I was at peace. Mostly. Kinda. I still work up an hour before the 4:30 wake up call unable to go back to sleep.

Race day recap to come!

4 Comments on “IM 70.3 Texas: Pre-Race

  1. This was hilarious. I am positive Lance chose A. 🙂 Loved the shirt too. Very cool to have all your names on there. Can’t wait for the race recap!

  2. Umm, we can attest to how awesome your husband is and the things that he does! And absolutely, lady – it was A with Lance! A allllllll the way! You are so cute in all the pics and we canNOT wait to read the recap of the race! 🙂

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