70.3 Texas – Taper Time

I have not updated my blog as I should. I have not made found the time to bring all of you into my journey and I am sorry. You are the ones who inspire me every day to be better and to do better and I owe you better.

With that being said, today was my last beat down of a training day. I just want to say a quick thank you to Michelle, Amy, Brian, Greg, Erin and all of the people I met out there today who made today an awesome last beat down day. I will still be training and keeping my fitness, but with 2 weeks out I can really no longer gain any fitness. Over the next two weeks I will need to play it smart, work out hard enough that my muscles get tired, but keep it in perspective that I can’t get hurt and I can’t work out so hard that I can’t quickly recover. I have a little more leeway this week, but next week, call me a couch potato. I will also be crazy, because that is what tapering does to me. Seriously, bat-shit-crazy. So please also let me apologize for my freak-outs and complete lack of faith in myself over the next 13 days.

I’ve been asked about my training. Let me mention that I did not follow someone’s training plan or honestly even look at a training plan. I’m not sure if that helped or hurt me, but I know my strengths and weaknesses and about what my body can handle. That’s also not entirely true as I was part of Luke Locker‘s Half Marathon running program. I ran with them every Saturday starting in January to help get me in better half marathon shape. Otherwise, everything was of my own making. I signed up for the half ironman on January 22. I tried to fit in at least 2 swims a week, 3 cycling sessions and 2-4 runs per week. Below are the calendars showing all of my work since January.

I did a lot more swim sessions early, but February is when I got my Garmin Forerunner 910 where I could track indoor swims. As a side note if you are a triathlete and are debating on whether or not to buy it: do it. Just stop thinking and do it. Is it an investment? Absolutely. But one I don’t think you will regret.

I ran the Princess Half Marathon on Feb 26th and was on vacation for a week at Disney World. I think that threw me off a little because I was doing so well with being consistent and that threw me for a loop not being on the bike or in the pool for about a week and a half. It was hard to get back into the routine again. Some of my cycling was done outdoors and some on my trainer. Actually, most on my trainer except for the really long ones. I did do one of my cycling sessions for 3 hours indoors and let me tell you if you are looking to build mental capability and fight – that’s a fantastic starting place. You fight with yourself over and over because it’s so boring just sitting there. There is no amount of TV, video games or movies that truly kept me entertained for that timeframe. 

So there you have it for now. I feel really good. I would have liked a few more super long bike rides, but I did what I could in the amount I could fit it in. I’m excited and really nervous about this. Its not because I don’t think I can finish, but I want to finish with a time that will be respectable in my mind. Yes finishing is my #1 goal, but in order to push me I’ve made little goals in each of the sports that I think on a good day pushing it I can accomplish them. 

Tell me – when you have had big races, do you usually feel as though all of your training got you adequately prepared for race day?

One Comment on “70.3 Texas – Taper Time

  1. You are going to rock it lady!! ROCK. IT!!! I think when you train it’s always easy to hit taper time and look back and think did I do enough??? Could I have fit more in?? Maybe but if you did you might have lost your sanity…and you need to balance life out! We are so excited for you and can’t wait to hear how this goes!

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