The Change Effect

It’s amazing to me how one change or decision causes so many other changes. Both intentional and unintentional.

I made the final decision about a month ago to run the Dallas White Rock full Marathon and I was going to do it with Luke’s Locker Plano. I signed up for both on the same day – that way I was all in. I was scared and nervous not only about the marathon distance, but at the idea of running with a group of people I don’t know every week for 6 months. You see I usually run with my dog or alone. That’s what I’ve done for a year and that’s all I know.

The first week I met some awesome people who were easy to talk to. It made me feel at ease and it helped me get lost in the mileage.  The second week was great, too. Not a fantastic run but got to meet someone else that supported me through the mileage and helped me push my pace but be consistent. Week three was fantastic. I met my group for the first time and my run felt awesome. I ran pretty good the first half and for the first time ever I was able to push the second half faster than the first – and it was all uphill on the way back! Woo hoo me! There is something to these group runs. I get excited and energized to go out and rock my run surrounded by other people trying to conquer their goals.

Historically I’ve tried to be consistent with my running but that didn’t always happen. Now that I am part of a group and I have a training plan, I feel a responsibility to myself and to my fellow group members (or Tribe if you will) to follow the training plan as much as possible. This means I’m running consistently. What a difference it has made. I’m running at a great pace for longer than I’ve been able to hold it before. And I’m having fun! I feel like such a nerd saying I can’t wait till 6am on Saturday to run with my people.

There has also been other changes. Last week I had a pretty tough week emotionally and physically. After a particularly hard day my husband brought me in a glass of red wine. Normally I’d gulp that baby down and ask for another. I couldn’t get through the glass. The wine tasted fine, I just didn’t want any. Come to think of it, the only alcoholic beverage that tastes good is beer – and a good craft beer, not this Bud Light crap. Even then I have one or two at the most and I’m done. I’d rather have a good iced tea or a gatorade, thank you. Because of this change, I’ve had more energy and I’m not consuming so many of those delicious but empty calories.

My eating has also changed. I’ve always tried to make fairly good decisions – but if I want it, I’ll eat it and get it out of my head. Lately the changes have been because I haven’t craved the bad or super sweet. Take Saturday for example. I did about 8 miles in 2 runs and all I wanted for lunch was something tasty and delicious but healthy and light. Hello Seasons52 goat cheese ravioli. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy a good trip to a mexican restaurant and have a free for all on chips, salsa and my tacos, but overall I don’t crave it like I used to.

My new adventure is challenging my body in ways I don’t think it’s ever been challenged. Because of that, I want to fuel it better and I want to make sure I’m getting enough rest. If I don’t, it will come back on me, through injury, sickness or something else. I want to make sure I cross that finish line. Any changes along the way are cool perks.

One Comment on “The Change Effect

  1. Running with a group can be intimidating at first, especially if you are used to running solo. I trained for my first marathon with Run On group. It was great to be around a bunch of other scared newbies with a few experienced runners thrown in to calm our nerves! The support you’ll receive is invaluable to your training! White Rock is a great race and an awesome course. Good luck with your training!!!

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