Just Keep Swimming (Dory Style)

I’ve had a lot going on lately. Last Saturday I started my marathon training group for my first marathon in December. It was a 3 mile run to get pace groups. I ended up running faster than I should have but I was talking with other runners and sharing stories, so I lost track of how fast I was actually going. After that my group provided a trainer to help kick start our training by teaching us some crossfit techniques. It was super cool to do some stuff to get more overall fit. I’m getting running fit, but I’ve noticed in order to be lighter, quicker and faster, I need to work of my overall fitness to reach my goals. I didn’t do all of the exercises because I had a half marathon the next morning but I did enough to be sore by the afternoon.

Sunday morning was all about the half my husband, good friend and I did. It was the Wounded Warrior and it benefited the Semper Fi Fund and Reserve Aid. I’m a sucker for a good race cause and will sign up if it touches my heart. I think this cause is so important – there are so many soldiers who give everything for our safety and security and it’s hard to give back. It was a very tough race – we started at 7am and it was already 82 degrees (closer to 90 at the finish). The course was mostly flat with some hills and it wound in and out of the direct sun. It was hot and miserable and a sheer battle of mental toughness. I finished with my second best half time (I’ve done 4 now) but I think I really could have killed it with cooler weather. I’m happy to have finished and to have participated. A cool medal is always a plus.

We’re still working on our backyard, too. After taking down a 30ft tree and digging out and creating a paver patio we’re getting close but it also feels never ending. We just have to level everything out, put down sod, clean up a flower bed and really put in my garden. I keep telling myself that it’s not that much work but it feels so overwhelming with everything else and this stupid Texas heat. This week today is the 4th day it’s been 100 or higher. It’s June, not August. We’re all getting prepared for a very long, hot and miserable summer.

It’s the busy time for me at work as well and I’ve got some personal stuff going on. The combination of everything has just taken a toll on my body and my mind. I easily snap back at people, and quite honestly this week I’ve just been a bitch. I’ve been working really hard on being a better, more positive person towards myself and others. This week just feels like such a setback. Hopefully I can get my body and my mind back in balance and feel much more like myself. Until then, I’ll just keep swimming.

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