Sour Cream

I was standing over the stove making dinner last night (mmm tacos) and I was thinking about how I need to post more. I started thinking about a new post, I looked over at the sour cream and it all came together.

I’m a fat kid when it comes to food. I try to work out to counteract that, but I’d rather have a little bit extra on me and enjoy a good meal that be overly strict and be super skinny. That’s just my preference. That’s not to say that I don’t question what I eat and decide to go in the healthier direction more often than not, it’s just when I really want something, I’ll eat it.

Back to tacos. I love sour cream. My husband thinks it’s a weird love. I don’t eat it on a lot of things, but I definitely put a lot on things like tacos and fajitas the lick the spoon clean before it goes in the dishwasher. And I’m okay with that. At the same time, because I sometimes choose food first, I’ve got a little bit of a belly. I’m sure it seems a lot bigger to me than someone off the street – in fact my fear is that if I’m slouching and not trying to suck it in, someone will ask me when I’m due (possible irrational fear, but still a fear.) I stood there staring at the sour cream thinking maybe if I use better portion control I could get in better shape. I don’t have to give up sour cream, but maybe if I used less it would make a difference.

As we assemble our tacos my husband opens up the first sour cream (we had two small containers in the fridge) it’s clearly spoiled and passed its expiration date. We try to do a good job of keeping the fridge clean but sometimes items slip through. But no big deal right cause there is another one with an expiration date of a month away, right? Heh. Wrong. There is barely any left in the container. Apparently instead of me trying to portion control on my own, the universe is sending me a message and doing it for me…

One Comment on “Sour Cream

  1. Try Greek yogurt instead of sour cream! Get the fat free kind, I like Fage, and it’s loaded with protein. It’s not exactly like sour cream, but a darn good substitute!

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