I’ve been distracted lately. I’d like to say it’s not because I’ve been lazy, but I think that is probably part of it. Here’s my excuses/reasons why.

 About 2 weeks ago I took my dog on a long training run. It was a little warm outside but nothing we haven’t done before. I initially thought about an 7-8 mile run, but it felt so good to be out there that we went for 11. At about 9 miles she really started to slow down. That’s when I know I’ve typically worn her out. She caught back up to me and kept pace pretty good. I made sure I was stopping enough to give her water to keep her cool. That night she was a little out of it and a little shaky, so we decided to keep out eye on her. Come Monday morning she was shaking pretty bad so we decided first thing to take her to the vet to get checked out. Long story short that was a nightmare that ended up wasting 2 hours of our morning and we didn’t even get to see a vet. I went to work and my husband stayed home. Kai didn’t get any better so my husband took her to a closer vet and got her checked out. Nothing major wrong, just probably a running injury. Anti inflamatories were prescribed as well as bed rest for 7-10 days. It broke my heart, running is her favorite activity and I feel like I pushed her too far. We’d done over 11 miles before, but I still feel like it’s my fault. For a week she needed help getting around and she certainly couldn’t jump on the bed to sleep with us, so we had to help her. Poor kid, you could just feel that she was feeling awful. I wanted to make sure we were keeping her company, but I also felt like I was cheating her by running without her. She’s been on bed rest before from a prior surgery and it was the saddest thing having to look her in the eyes when I went out on a run. She knew and it made her sad that she couldn’t go with me. So I took the week off to rest (I’d been having a tender right achilles anyway.)

Finally when she started coming around I got really sick. I tried to fight it for several days before I caved and went to the doctor. Speaking of, I’ve been here for 4 years now and really need to invest in finding a real general practitioner for myself. I went to and Urgent Care facility and got a whole 2 minutes with the doctor. I walked out with 4 (!) prescriptions and one of them was for symptoms I didn’t even have. I’m a few days into the meds and they are really helping me. For the first time I woke up able to breathe, which in my book is a great thing. But so far that has kept me from running too.

I’m just really worried with my basically two weeks off I’m not going to have that great run I was hoping for in my Wounded Warrior half marathon in a few weeks. I’m really bummed out about it. Hopefully I can log some miles this weekend and feel like I can take on the race with confidence. I really want to get a sub 2 hour half this year, I know I have it in me, but I don’t think this is the race I’m going to do it. And I can’t wait to get my running buddy back. I know she’s itching to get out there, but I want to make sure she’s completely healed before I turn her loose.

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