Oh complacency, how you love to sneak up and bite me in the butt. Lately I’ve been working out and doing okay at it. I’ve been balancing my work, home life and active life pretty well. We’ve been doing a lot of yard work which in my book isn’t a typical workout, but a great one to work muscles I don’t get to on a regular basis. I sure feel it the next day.

 Last week I participated in my first social run. I went in a little nervous, as when we’ve gone into the store that was hosting it, they tend to look at us like we aren’t runners and treat us along the same lines. I was pleasantly surprised that everyone was so nice and had a great run. I ran with a new friend April who kept a good fast pace for me (I hope it was a good run for her, too!) We came back to the store with chips, salsa, beer and margaritas waiting. What a great Cinco de Mayo treat. The run got me thinking, I train a few times a week and on my long runs I run a slower pace because I know I’m doing distance, but why aren’t I working harder during my shorter weekday runs? Complacency folks.

So this morning I got up and got out for a run. I started at a great pace. I recently watched a short clip on Ryan Hall’s form and they pointed out about his forefoot strike and high knees. I’ve been all about trying to improve my form lately and I belive in barefoot running. I’ve got the forefoot thing down, but I was working on getting my knees higher and I’ll be damned if that didn’t quicken my pace pretty easily. Don’t get me wrong, I pushed through and had to convince myself I could finish it out and I had to keep yelling in my head RUN FASTER, but I made it. And impressive time for me. 5 miles even at a moving pace of 46:29 or an average mile of 9:17. Wowza.

I can remember last year when my goal was to run a mile under 10 minutes. Look at me now. I can run as fast as I push myself – yet it never ceases to amaze me with a little determination and work, I can break through whatever I’m asking my body to.

Here’s to pushing yourself and creating new goals!

Also, I love judging my running by how tired my dog is afterwards. This folks, is success 🙂

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