Being Grateful

I woke up today grateful, for so many things. This last week and weekend was incredibly busy. I spent 3 days in Tulsa with my company for our annual conference. It was a great opportunity to meet people, learn and have a great time. We also have a small group of runners, we got up at 6:30 am after the welcome reception and ran together for 5 miles. Everyone I ran with is faster than me – I didn’t let that bother me, I ran my pace and at the turn-around they all cheered for me. It was fantastic, what a great way to bond.

Once I got home it was Royal Wedding time. I’m not afraid to say it – I created quite a spread for my good friend and I to enjoy while watching live. It was a great opportunity to be part of history and to say I watched it live. It’s a generational thing and I think it was fantastic and fun.

Come Saturday, Brian and I had a race – Thrill of the Grill 5k benefiting the Plano ISD. We’re suckers for great causes to run for. We signed up a while ago and saw it was dog friendly. My dog is my best training buddy and the reason I am in the shape I’m in – I thought it would be a great test run to see how she would do in a crowd. Once we got there she was very over-stimulated with everything going on. After about 30 minutes she calmed. Once the gun started she was in serious race mode. We started at the back of the pack – last 5k we did that was dog friendly I heard way too many dogs getting stepped on, I’d rather sacrifice time than have my dog injured any day. She was anxious but ready. Once we crossed the start a few minutes after the gun she was all business. I laugh when she gets into running mode, her ears go back and she’s got this trot that means she’s ready. We weaved through people and tried to run on the sidewalk which was a little clearer. I tried not to keep track on my Garmin and just ran at the pace that felt good. Once I crossed the finish line and stopped my watch I couldn’t believe what I saw. A new PR! And by 1 minute 8 seconds! Not only was I trilled about that, but Brian kept pace and broke his 5k record by a whopping 4 minutes! That’s craziness! Once I got home I uploaded all of the information and I was absolutely floored. I ran a sub 9 minute mile for the first time in my life. My second mile was 8:48, so not only was it sub 9 but it was sub 9 by 12 seconds! I was so grateful for my dog to be able to run with me. She kept pushing me and she makes it look so easy – everyone we passed commented on how she was out for a stroll. The best comment I hear about her was when we crossed the finish. The announcer recognized Kai and said that she looked like she could run another 12 miles – and you know what, she could have. I just love the bandana – it didn’t fit so we attached it to her harness and it looks like her super dog cape.

Come Sunday morning I wanted to go for a long run, I try to make sure I get enough running in, but also that my dog does. I feel guilty riding my bike when I could be out there with her. She loves it so much it’s like giving her a present – the easiest present to give – and I feel great when I can do that for her. We were put on hold for about 30 minutes as a storm passed over, rain is okay, but thunder and lightning is where I draw the line. I looked at the radar and we had an opening. We took off. It was raining on us but it felt amazing. Living in DFW sometimes it’s just too hot. It was a beautiful reminder of the Pacific Northwest where I grew up and more specifically, Eugene Oregon, where I went to school. The entire 7.3 miles I kept praising my body and thanking it for not only allowing me to set a PR yesterday but to carry me through 7.3 miles I was asking from it. For the first time in a while, I became appreciate of what my body can handle and get me through rather than what it can’t do or what I don’t like about it.

After the run, we went to bunch with some great friends and had a fantastic time. There is nothing better than good company, delicious food and bottomless memosas. On the drive home Brian and I discussed how lucky we are to be surrounded by great people. We took a much needed nap and then woke up in time to head to the FC Dallas vs LA Galaxy match. I had my rain gear on and set to go, and boy did we need it. I sat in my seat, grateful once again to be able to go to a match and to participate in cheering for our local teams. We made it through most of the game – but it started raining so hard even we had to give up. Even though we got rained out, I still am thankful for the fun I had.

Once we got home and settled in, we watched some Food Network TV and were about to head to bed. I checked my phone and I saw that Osama Bin Laden was dead trending on twitter. We turned on the news and watched a little bit. I sat in amazement at the accomplishment. 10 years of searching and we got him. Thank you to all of the service men and women keeping us safe and fighting for our freedom. I then went to bed, grateful to be an American.

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