Texas 70.3 2014

There is so much to say about this race. I love this race. It was my first ever 70.3 in 2012 and I keep coming back because I love it. The location is awesome around Moody Gardens, I get to escape to salt water and I get to race!

We left Friday super early to try and beat the traffic out of Dallas. Luckily we got to use the HOV lane for a good bit so that helped. We made our way down 45 and stopped at the Bush Airport in Houston. Brian was unfortunate enough to have to fly out within hours of the race and we decided it wasn’t a good idea for me to drive out and then back to Galveston to the hotel, so we got him a rental. We went to the athlete check in and everything went smooth. I had a good laugh because there were kids handing out the shirts and one kid flipped out. I always order a men’s shirt (they fit more comfortably) and the kid wouldn’t stop yelling at the other guy to not give me the shirt. I had to show him my packet to prove that I ordered a men’s to calm him down, ha! Continue reading

catching up

Whew. It sure has been a while, and I’m sorry about that. So here’s what I’ve been up to since January.

Pre-race fun!

Pre-race fun!

Houston Marathon: (January)
Well, this one was a doozy. Both coach and I knew I was under-trained for this one. In the two months prior I hadn’t gone longer than 8 miles at a time. We were re-building my fitness and working towards Ironman, not a marathon. This wasn’t a goal race, and like I said, I could have gone either way on running it or not. Continue reading

today I run a marathon

Today, as you read this (probably right now) I am running the Houston Marathon. Notice I say run and not race?

It has been a turbulent journey to get here. Preparation was not what I thought it would look like, but I trust the process, and I trust my coach. 

I signed up to race this in 2013 but my annual ski trip fell on the same weekend, and who is going to give up an all expenses paid trip to the snow to run a marathon? Not I. So for 2014 the ski trip was the weekend before the marathon and I had a guaranteed entry with deferral, so, here we are. Don’t you use skiing as your taper?

Continue reading

be the inspiration

I have had many other people touch my life throughout the years by believing in me. They have made an impact on me and have helped shape the course I have taken.

The first person to ever believe in me was my Oma (German for grandma.) She was an inspiring woman who overcame everything that ever stood in her path. As a child growing up in Germany during WWII, she eventually came over to the US alone with her children in tow. She created a life and an opportunity for her family. You see, I am the first to be born on US soil. She gave me that opportunity by bringing my family over here. From as early as I can remember, she pushed me to be my best and accepted nothing less than my hardest effort. The day I became the first in our family to go to college she was beaming. I have never seen her more proud of me. She is the one I thank for my moral compass and my hard work ethic. I learned that nothing comes easy, but everything worth working for takes hard work. Continue reading

Coeur Sports

Last week I got some pretty amazing news. Myself, and a bunch of amazing and inspiring women were chosen to be Coeur Sports Ambassadors.

The 2014 Ambassador Team

The 2014 Ambassador Team. So proud to be named with all of these amazing women.

At first I was pretty shocked, then became ridiculously excited and even now I’m not sure what to say because I have so many things in my head. I’m overwhelmed and my heart is bursting with love from these guys. Since the announcement I’ve been meeting fellow ambassadors and loving how many strong women I get to stand with. Continue reading